Sanitary sampling valve

Sanitary sampling valve

    Stainless steel sanitary CPM valve, sampling valve, safety valve, angle seat valve, in SS304 or SS316L grade

Sanitary sample valve  is also called sample cock valve, sampling valve, upper valve.

Joneng provide the following different types to meet customers' requirements.
● Size: 1/4"-1"
● Grade in SS304 and SS316L. 
● Different types of sampling valves are available for different applications 
● Complete draining so there is no liquid inside the valve after sampling
● Sanitary grade and sterile grade is both available
● FDA compliant gaskets to meet sanitary requirements
● Easy cleaning
● Connection :butt welded, triclamps, union, male connections.

Our sample valves are widely used in food, beverage, dairy , bio tech, pharmacy industries.