Sanitary manual tank outlet valve

Sanitary manual tank outlet valve

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Sanitary manual tank bottom diaphragm valve

Tank Bottom Diaphragm valve
Stainless steel sanitary tank bottom Diaphragm Valve
The diaphragm valve is widely used for pharmaceutical industries. This valve is widely used for draining the left liquid in the tank.
The tank bottom valve is easy operation and draining completely.

Aseptic design
The valves are suitable for applying in high flow rate, high corrosivity, high viscosity fluid.
mooth contacting surface, non retention dead angle
easy disassembly, easy maintainenance, easy to clean, CIP
Unique diaphragm type actuator which prolong the diaphragm service life effectively.

Valve body which contacts with liquid is made of SS316L. The non-contacting part is made of SS304 material.
Valve body type: T type, bending type, L type, 3 piece ball type 
Gasket: EPDM, EPDM+PTFE integrated membrane , EPDM/PTFE seperate membrane
Integrated membrane
Max. Pressure: 10bar
Max. Temperature: -10  ~ +120 degree
Material quality: SS316L
Inside surface finish: Ra0.4
Standard: DIN, SMS
Connection: welded, clamped, flanged,
Size: DN10-DN50
Applications: Widely used for pharmaceutical and chemical industries